About Bullhead City, Arizona


Population: 33,769
Located in Mohave County.

Located near the spot where Arizona, Nevada and California meet, Bullhead City is a rapidly growing community nestled along the beautiful blue waters of the Colorado River. The striking scenic beauty provides the backdrop for a host of outdoor recreation activities.

Weather in Bullhead City, AZ
Weather in Bullhead City, AZ


Bullhead City is a place with a great personality and abundant resources. Whether visiting as a vacationer or looking to relocate, we invite you to celebrate the ever changing Colorado River region in and around the Bullhead City area. From Katherine Landing on beautiful Lake Mohave, to the living Ghost town of Oatman, or the Fort Mojave Indian Reservation to the Gold Road Mine in the scenic Black Mountains, this valley has something for everyone.
Located on the Colorado River near the spot where Arizona, Nevada and California meet, Bullhead City is a thriving community where striking scenic beauty provides the backdrop for a host of attractions and outdoor recreation activities.

In nearby Laughlin, Nevada just across the Colorado River, visitors and residents alike enjoy Las Vegas style gambling and nightlife but in a more relaxed atmosphere with eleven resorts, top name entertainment and gourmet dining.

The real estate industry is one of the fastest-growing segments of the region's economy and has resulted in the expansion of a variety of homes available in the area with prices at a stable, yet affordable level.

Mohave County's unemployment rate boasts a low of 3%. In short, if you want a job, you can find one here. The good news is nothing new to this area.
Mohave County's employment rates remain stronger than the national average and continue to show further signs of growth.

The tri-state area boasts a variety of private, public and charter schools from preschool through college. The Bullhead City Campus of Mohave Community College (MCC) is a two-year, fully-accredited public college serving more than 11,000 students at its four campus locations.

The River cities' first vocational non-profit charter school, Academy of Building Industries, is located in Fort Mojave. Vocational trade courses offered include carpentry, air conditioning and heating, computer-aided drafting, plumbing, welding and electrical.

State-of-the-art hospitals, out-patient facilities, urgent care options and ancillary providers are complimented by a wide-range of specialists.
The newest technologies and modern facilities make the Colorado River valley a great please to live for people of all ages.


As one of Arizona's fastest growing communities, Bullhead City maintains a
pro-business stance, attracting new development at a very rapid pace.
The city's business area serves a population exceeding 180,000 plus more than six million people who visit the Bullhead/City Laughlin area annually.

Laughlin's 11 casino/resort hotels employ more then 15,000 people most of whom make their home on the Arizona side of the Colorado River where 1,000+ retail and serviced oriented businesses employ approximately 7,500 people.

Both Bullhead City and Mohave County offer special benefits in Enterprise Zones. The Bullhead Regional Economic Development Authority provides free assistance in relocating, setting up new businesses, industry development and business retention.

Source: bullheadchamber.com


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